A Brief History of Goldpfeil

The history of the Goldpfeil label dates back to 1856. Goldpfeils real momentum began in the 1930s, where 90% of the company’s business were exports, represented in 56 countries. At that time their market share of all leather goods exported from Germany was an impressive 20% and the first boutiques were opened in Germany. In addition to its own internationally recognized collections, Goldpfeil also produced leather bags for renowned fashion houses including Christian Dior starting in 1956, and many other fashion houses would subcontract work with them for decades. With this type of exposure, Goldpfeil repositioned itself in 1980, focusing solely on the luxury category.

Global expansion continued rapidly, opening branches in many European countries as well as in the US in Beverly Hills and New York.

Shortly before the year 2000, Goldpfeil, with their rapid expansion, found themselves in financial difficulty. 45.000 jobs were on the line and ownership of the company changed several times. the restructuring of the business was somewhat successful and they continued into 2007, where it became obvious that it was time to wind down the brand and see what they could salvage.

Enter GoldPfeil.ca

Early in 2008, Andreas Mann, the sales director of Goldpfeil contacted us and offered the opportunity to purchase a significant quantity of their inventory. We were able to pick the best items from their inventory, on the assumption that we would be making a large purchase, which we did. We are now shipping these fine goods that have only appreciated with time, from Toronto Canada. Enjoy your shopping experience and should you wish to get on our mailing list for future sales on low inventory products, fill in the form below…

Product notes- The names associated with the various products that we are offering are not the original names. They are names of various German cities and towns. A significant amount of our inventory has original boxes with labels on them and SKU’s but no names with the exception of Oxford which seems to apply to a variety of products.

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